8 Aug 2010

Arcade Fire has lost its heat

Sorry to say but their third album THE SUBURBS has not moved Arcade Fire out of the second division of current bands trying hard. In fact when stripped down to the basics, most Arcade Fire songs are no different to The Ting Tings.

If we position, say, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the first division of their time, then The Kinks would have been in the second division. Individual songs of The Kinks were great but their complete works didn't achieve the heights of the first division bands.

The difficulty with Arcade Fire is the instrumentation and balance. With most members of the band playing most of the time there is little tonal variation. The mix is muddy. And the song melodies lack power and passion. The three singers usually fail to achieve the strength and character of any of the leading vocalists of today, and even struggle to equal Katie White.

So THE SUBURBS is a disappointment after the potential hinted at - but not achieved - on the previous two albums.

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